Our company, specialised in the automotive industry, requires and always takes advantage of metrological solutions, maximising productivity thanks to compliance checks, monitoring and validation, which has led us to be a precise and strategic partner for the sector industries.

The services in the automotive industry supplied by CS AUTOMOTIVE SRL provide clear advantages prior, during and after the development of components and small parts, in the certification process of dies, blanks and prototypes, in order to meet the quality standards required by your clients.


A portable measurement tool with high technical performance, suitable for measurement services at the client site to reduce service time.

Technicians with proven experience will be able to deal with any problem.

The arm is equipped with a laser line probe scanning system, which is used by our metrology to offer accurate scanning and detailed resolution at a high speed.

Through Blue Light technology, the laser scanner accurately captures the geometry in its entirety and the primitives of a component inside a point cloud or a polygon mesh.

Such systems are capable of processing measuring data and three-dimensional analysis in industrial environments such as blanks, die surface detection, prototypes, dies for plastic, fusion parts, and so much more.

CAM2 Arm

  • Measuring range: 2,7 m
  • Single point articulation: 29 μm
  • Volumetric maximum deviation: ± 41 μm
  • Weight: Kg 10,9
  • Operating temp range: da 10°C a 40°C
  • Operating Humidity Range: 0-95%, without condensation.

Laser Line Probe HD

  • Accuracy: ±25 μm
  • Repeatability: 25 μm, 2 σ
  • Stand off: 115mm
  • Actual scanning amplitude: Minimum distance 80 mm Maximum distance 150 mm
  • Points per line: 2.000 points/line
  • Minimum point spacing: 40 μm
  • Scanning frequency: 280 frames/second x 2.000 points/line = 560.000 points/second
  • Laser: Class 2M
  • Weight: 485 g
  • Operating temp range: da 10°C a 40°C
  • Operating Humidity Range: 0-95%, without condensation.


For point detection we use FARO PLATINUM, in order to guarantee our target, which is the speed of intervention and the test accuracy.

In addition to testing, our technicians deal with fine-tuning, taking care of thickness or adapting the machinery where necessary in order to adjust the geometry.

  • Measuring range: 3.0 m
  • Single point articulation: mm 0,043
  • Volumetric maximum deviation: mm 0,061
  • Weight: Kg 9,75
  • Operating temp range: da 10°C a 40°C
  • Operating Humidity Range : 0-95%, without condensation.

Through the use of FARO ARMS portable measurement tools, we are able to certify and fine-tune dies and assembly tools directly on site.

The ability to adapt to the clients’ specific needs during the earliest stages of production, or during the initial dieing, assembling and laser-cutting analysis allows us to best serve our customers.

Today we are one of the few companies able to measure the most complex geometries and, more importantly, able to know how to make the necessary adjustments to improve the product.

Reverse Engineering

Thanks to the high accuracy and definition scanning systems, run by the most powerful and common software in the market, CS Automotive is able to deal with any reverse-engineering problem.


Our assistance at the client site allows us to take care of our customer until the end result is achieved; in fact dimensional testing is a very important part of any productive environment.
It is designed to verify the compliance of the dimensions of an artefact according to the initial design.
The testing and measuring procedures are carried out at the client site using cutting-edge technology such us anthropomorphic arms.

It is a high precision activity, which enables our company to establish itself in the automotive industry.
CS Automotive technical office provides comprehensive guidance at every stage: from the study of the best technology to carry out the dimensional measurement, to the calculation of error associated to the measurement according to environmental standards that might influence it, up until the definition of the necessary type of report.

Moreover, in special cases the office deals with the design of specific tools for measurement. At the end of every test, CS Automotive operators give to the company concerned the necessary documentation with the results of the tests, which confirm the conformity with the required standards.
CS Automotive carries out dimensional tests for all the automobile industry.

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